Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wishes and Wonders Book Club:Prudence Wants a Pet

Read Prudence Wants a Pet by Cathleen Daly, a charming book about a girl who desperately wants a pet, then answer the following questions. Discuss your answers with a parent or teacher.

1. Why does Prudence's dad reject her first pet request?

2. Why does Prudence's mom reject Prudence's first pet request?

3. What is Prudence's first pet?

4. What happened to Prudence's first pet?

5. What is Prudence's second pet? What does Prudence name her second pet?

6. What happened to Prudence's second pet?

7. What is Prudence's third pet? What does she name it?

8. What happened to Prudence's third pet?

9. What is Prudence's fourth pet?

10. What is Prudence's fifth pet? What does she name it?

11. What happened to Prudence's fifth pet?

12. What is Prudence's sixth pet?

13. What gift did Prudence get for her birthday? What does she name it?

14. What kind of pet do YOU want?

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